[maureen and ian]
september 22

I met with Maureen and Ian back in June to shoot their engagement session...what an awesome couple! We wandered around the grounds of the Buffalo Historical Society and then on down to the Marina. Maureen and Ian are a nautical couple; they met each other when they were twelve during their summers on Lake Erie, and Ian currently serves in the Navy. Their wedding is September 22 at the Buffalo Canoe Club in Ontario...I can't wait- a new venue for me!

Incidentally, I designed a guest book for them and published it through Asukabooks- I received it today and it is very cool! Here are some layouts from that book.

The cover (and back cover)


[Sophia's Famous!]

Or at least somewhat...I have been totally addicted to Apartment Therapy: The Nursery ever since we decided to create a big girl bedroom for Sophia....anyway, they recently asked for postings about family vacations, so I sent along some "wisdom" to ATN as well as this cool image from one of our hikes in our recent trips to the Adirondacks.

Thanks ATN for the post (and the groovy bib!)

Check it out here:



as the website is taking a while, I wanted to throw in a plug for my etsy store...

i used to show my more conceptual digital collage and photography at local outdoor art shows, but since miss sophia has entered the picture (quite literally) i find myself with lots of unclaimed artworks sitting unloved in my closet.

etsy is rather addictive, i find myself browsing a little too often, building a collection of child worthy art for the new bedroom design. in any case, the link to my store is to the right and here is a preview of what you can find there.


i have FINALLY started this blog in addition to updating the {modern photographie} website to share recent wedding and other photographic experiences..
..(it looks like the website will launch by the end of September if not sooner...)

i thought that I would start with my most favorite subject, the ubiquitous Sophia serious in navigating her bumblebee at the erie county fair...

Please stay tuned for recent weddings, engagements and other family stuff!