[deanna and kurt]

Saturday was supposed to be a miserable, rainy day. but it wasn't. the weather forecasters were off again, which was a good thing for Deanna and Kurt. Deanna said that it was actually Kurt who paid somebody off to make the beautfiul day happen. Little did she know that it was actually their own awesomeness that influenced the skies to be perfect.


[erin and jeff]

on probably the most perfect day EVER, I met erin and jeff at knox farms for a pretty intense engagement shoot.....we explored every corner of the park (legally and somewhat illegally), embraced nature at its finest (black flies!) and finally saved some wildlife from their uncertain fate with oncoming traffic. erin and jeff were great at knowing how to work with the camera....erin revealed to me that she prepped by looking at other engagement shoots....which by the way is invaluable advice for anyone who is about to be photographed (or in my case who is about to be the photographer...I look at countless other photographers for inspiration all the time!) enjoy....


[a photographer's dream photoshoot]

Sophia was the flower girl in her cousin Nicole's wedding two weeks was my first excuse to be able to "stalk" the flower girl at a wedding without getting into trouble :) The best part was that she did not need much prompting to give me some great material. The wedding was in Ohio; we went to Mill Creek Park in Youngstown for the formals....what an amazing place...I wish we had something similar to this in Buffalo! After almost falling into a fountain and a taking more than a few tumbles into the grass, Sophia's dress was no worse for the wear and I was pretty happy with my images.

Sophia was all petal at a time and she never once looked up....I think she was nervous!

I love this shot- so very Alice in Wonderland!

Sophia was setting the standard for posing......

So this shot was a little risky....but totally worth it.