[halloween 07]

This year marked Sophia's first all-out Halloween extravaganza. It all began with a little goldfish costume that I purchased on clearance LAST year from babystyle....I figured that this was probably the last year that we might have some influence in what she would be. She decided along the way that was not only going to be a goldfish but a ballerina goldfish. Visually this was no different, but the dance effects were priceless.

On Wednesday night, we carved the pumpkin to the music of Nightmare Before Christmas. Afterwards we sat in the dark with only the candlelight of the Jack o' Lantern and the music...

Her first foray into the realm of trick or treating came on Saturday. The shops in the Elmwood Village open up their doors to the kids for a bit, so we walked up with Sophia's friend Brian and his family. She got the hang of it pretty quickly!

Later in the day, Sophia's other buddy, Seth, came to visit with his family. They are very close.

We also went out last night, over to Highland Avenue where there were tons of kids and families out on their makes us secretly want to move! Sophia went for an hour and a half before collapsing into her stroller.

Today, the spirit of Halloween is still strong....I am required to play the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack continuously so she can practice her ballet, this time wearing her new snowsuit and zebra mask.


[kristen and tim]

On October 13, I photographed the wedding of kristen and tim...I actually went to high school with Kristen, and was referred to her through one of my teaching turned out to be a beautiful day, although the forecasts called for rain. The ceremony and reception were both at the Historical Society, an amazing architectural gem of Buffalo with all black marble columns and floors inside.

Tim surprised Kristen with his idea of snazzy wedding attire...

Just about the coolest bouquets I have ever seen....and the rings are beautiful too!
Tim had his mother's wedding band incorporated into his own.

Glo sticks were the hit of the party later on...


[heather and paul, part 2]

on September 28, I had the good fortune to work with the wolwiec family once again- a few years ago I had photographed a lovely couple [david and elizabeth], and was recently contacted by elizabeth's sister, laurie to photograph her son's wedding. it was a small family affair, after which I felt like I was a part! here are just a few of the images from the evening....

Todd Jr. was the man of the party!


[ian and maureen part 2]

September 22 was the wedding of Ian and Maureen, whose guest book I posted in late August. What a beautiful day! The ceremony took place at St. John the Baptist Church in Kenmore, followed by the reception across the Canadian border at the Buffalo Canoe Club. It was perfectly bright and blue outside, a perfect September Buffalo wedding.

Ian and Maureen wanted a fun, casual wedding and that's exactly how the day went. Ian's naval buddies provided a lot of entertainment.....and in general everyone was awesome to work with.

Here are some of the day's pics:


[heather and paul]

this afternoon I photographed an engagement session for heather and paul, who are getting married this friday evening. what a blast it was! both heather and paul have a great sense of humor and we had a lot of fun wandering around the Buffalo Historical Society together. we even had an appearance from a great man of the past....



Here are some pictures from Kristen Davide, my teaching colleague and co-photographer, taken at Becker Farms.

Funny...Sophia kept calling all of the goats "honey"


[kristen and rob]

Last weekend Bryan, Sophia and I met Kristen and Rob at Becker Farms in Niagara County for a little photographing fun. The apples were sweet and the light was beautiful...we spent a few hours there and then down the road at an abandoned mill.

I am going to be photographing Kristen and Rob's wedding in August of next year, so this served as their engagement session. Incidentally, Kristen will be joining [modern photographie] as my right hand photographer starting next season. Her work is awesome, and I will post some of her shots of the three of us soon.


[game day]

here it is, the day Bryan has been waiting for since the new year....and what I awoke to today were shouts of "Go Irish!" by Sophia along with the sounds of marching to the fight song. Bryan bought her this outfit to commemorate the big day.


[maureen and ian]
september 22

I met with Maureen and Ian back in June to shoot their engagement session...what an awesome couple! We wandered around the grounds of the Buffalo Historical Society and then on down to the Marina. Maureen and Ian are a nautical couple; they met each other when they were twelve during their summers on Lake Erie, and Ian currently serves in the Navy. Their wedding is September 22 at the Buffalo Canoe Club in Ontario...I can't wait- a new venue for me!

Incidentally, I designed a guest book for them and published it through Asukabooks- I received it today and it is very cool! Here are some layouts from that book.

The cover (and back cover)