[halloween 07]

This year marked Sophia's first all-out Halloween extravaganza. It all began with a little goldfish costume that I purchased on clearance LAST year from babystyle....I figured that this was probably the last year that we might have some influence in what she would be. She decided along the way that was not only going to be a goldfish but a ballerina goldfish. Visually this was no different, but the dance effects were priceless.

On Wednesday night, we carved the pumpkin to the music of Nightmare Before Christmas. Afterwards we sat in the dark with only the candlelight of the Jack o' Lantern and the music...

Her first foray into the realm of trick or treating came on Saturday. The shops in the Elmwood Village open up their doors to the kids for a bit, so we walked up with Sophia's friend Brian and his family. She got the hang of it pretty quickly!

Later in the day, Sophia's other buddy, Seth, came to visit with his family. They are very close.

We also went out last night, over to Highland Avenue where there were tons of kids and families out on their makes us secretly want to move! Sophia went for an hour and a half before collapsing into her stroller.

Today, the spirit of Halloween is still strong....I am required to play the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack continuously so she can practice her ballet, this time wearing her new snowsuit and zebra mask.

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