[erin and colby]

Wedding season is here again, and it got off to a bit of an earlier start than was originally planned....Erin and Colby had their wedding set for Memorial Day when they found out that Colby was going to be deployed in early May.  Things were moved ahead a bit and they couldn't have been luckier with our freakishly nice April weather.  Being the first wedding for me in awhile, I had a lot of fun with the little details, beautiful babies and red socks, to name a few.  Far too many to show you here (although I do apologize for the overabundance of ring shots, I couldn't just pick one!)  Stay tuned for a flurry of posts, the majority of my wedding season is set to take place before the end of June!

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[baby tony]

I am finally back, after a long hiatus from has been a super hectic school year and therefore I have been a little slower in the photography world lately. An absolutely awesome way to get my feet wet was an email I received from Stefanie and Tony, whose engagement I photographed a while back, that they were now proud parents of a tiny little Tony.  I have to say, I haven't been around a baby as little as this since my own little E was a babe, and it was VERY nice to take in a sweet little bundle such as this.  I am really excited abut this shoot, and am hoping to have more chances to work with newborns!










Some of the room decor included IV to symbolize Tony's birthday, the 4th of March.