[jillian and zach]

I had met with Jillian (a jewelry designer) a while back, along with her mother (who is also an art teacher...) and I could tell then that there would be a strong chance that I'd have a lot of creative freedom in photographing her. I met with her and Zach at Ellicott Island Park in Amherst ( a place so near to my school and yet I had never been there before) for the second shoot of a perfect day a week or so back....

The park is a dog park, perfectly chosen as there is just this bridge to get onto the island...All of the dogs were very well behaved too for being loose (although there was a head on collision once or twice.)

Ahhhh! Leaf Woman!
(This shot really makes me giggle uncontrollably.)

I love when people aren't afraid to get a little messy in the name of art!

Can I say here too, that I have major hair envy (of Jillian, that is) after an afternoon of rolling around in the leaves and swinging, it still looked incredible!

I am really looking forward to their April wedding.....thanks again guys for your ever smiling cooperation!

[I wish...]

I wish that someone would actually make this their wedding cake and invite me over to photograph it!

Brandon Kidd)


[sarah and ken]

Two Saturdays ago I had the good fortune to have two engagement shoots on probably one of the nicest days of the year. Sarah and Ken were up first.....their wedding is next July at Becker Farms, so they were looking for a bit more of an urban feeling to their photoshoot. We started off in the vicinity of Asbury hall....

I have been craving some pretty intense color and architectural elements for a bit now, and these did not disappoint....I had been watching them paint this building and thought it would be perfect for a "bubbly" couple like Sarah and Ken.

I love shows that their relationship is so well balanced....

I had also been eyeing this building in the theater district for quite some time...

Ken and Sarah's sweetness contrasts well with urban hardness.

Walking back to Delaware, I found this great bit of tall grass with the city in the background, so I made the two of them squish themselves behind it. They were definitely up for it and I think it worked out pretty amazingly...

We then made our way towards the Bidwell Farmer's market....nothing like a college bar during the day to find a neat bit of architecture.

Sarah and Ken were so much fun to work with.....willing to bend to my artistic whims....Thanks guys (and I can't wait till your wedding!)


[weddings etsy style]

i think that i am going to make this a regular feature, especially now that my blogging is going to be slowing down in th
ese cold wintery I am going to focus on ring bearer pillows.....when we were married, my mother in law made our ring bearer pillow from leftover fabrics from our flower girl's was very pretty but perhaps couldn't be incorporated into our current decor. I love the idea of using the pillow for just that- an accent on a small chair or bookshelf. Here are some faves:

1. Kate Series Ring Bearer Pillow by 5eiszen

2. Silver Sash Bow Pillow by Emicibridal

3. Custom calendar ring bearer pillow by Giggleroom

4. Modern Poppy Pillow by evies


[erin and jeff (or, at long last)]

My last wedding of the season was definitely one of the most fun of the year.....Erin and Jeff, friends of my photog buddy Kristen had their wedding at Pearl Street Brewery, (at which I am quickly becoming a regular) on a cold, cold October day....luckily for me the whole wedding party was up for some quirky shots and we had a blast in the meantime.

We tried at first to take some pictures at Hoyt Lake....check out this amazing sky!

But the cold winds took us to City Hall. The security guard there was awesome, he let us go up to the observation deck for some pictures.

Back outside, a "lifting the bride" picture soon turns into a childbirth roleplay?!


Thanks again guys!