[WOW. or, A pretty inspired wedding link]

i love when I come across a totally random blog that contains a link to another random site of beautiful wedding styling that is in another part of the country altogether. I can spend hours doing this.

ok, actually it is a problem of mine. a large problem. I suppose it could be worse, I could quit my job and wait outside the casino every morning until it opens, but seeing as how i am not the gambling type, I'll stick to blog stalking. By the way, those of you who keep telling me in person that you are in fact stalking my blog, please leave me some comments! I feel like I am talking to myself over here, and that can be down right embarrassing.

so here are a couple of things for you to drool over, and incorporate into your own wedding if I am photographing it!
Joy Thigpen's Nashville Lifestyle Wedding:

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