[kelly and mike]

[kelly and mike]

I am a bit out of order with my posting, so please if you are looking for a particular (erin and jeff) event, hold tight! I'll be posting like mad this week now that Halloween is over and I am not having to construct robot light panels or making mummy cupcakes.

I met Kelly and Mike out at Knox Farms State Park....if you have not been there I URGE you to go quick before all of the leaves are gone. I actually shot two engagements there last weekend, and there are so many places to wander, peacefully. I could definitely move right in to the old estate house at a moments notice (in fact I contemplated just moving into the ultra cool modern pool house.)

But I digress......Kelly is the daughter of one of the directors at my daughter's preschool and is wonderful, and Kelly is the spitting image of her mom, down to her voice. Mike is great too....and they were really fun to work with. Here are a couple of favorites from the day. Luckily the rain began only after we got into the car to go home!

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