[jillian and zach]

I had met with Jillian (a jewelry designer) a while back, along with her mother (who is also an art teacher...) and I could tell then that there would be a strong chance that I'd have a lot of creative freedom in photographing her. I met with her and Zach at Ellicott Island Park in Amherst ( a place so near to my school and yet I had never been there before) for the second shoot of a perfect day a week or so back....

The park is a dog park, perfectly chosen as there is just this bridge to get onto the island...All of the dogs were very well behaved too for being loose (although there was a head on collision once or twice.)

Ahhhh! Leaf Woman!
(This shot really makes me giggle uncontrollably.)

I love when people aren't afraid to get a little messy in the name of art!

Can I say here too, that I have major hair envy (of Jillian, that is) after an afternoon of rolling around in the leaves and swinging, it still looked incredible!

I am really looking forward to their April wedding.....thanks again guys for your ever smiling cooperation!

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