[a shopping suggestion...]

to any of my wedding couples present or future...wouldn't this be the BEST cake topper ever? please at least think about it....i'd love to photograph it! Here's the link- the small object on Etsy.



..and just to follow up on the last post, another super adorable little boy was the target of my lens last week. He definitely made me work for this shoot...Caiden is a very serious little fellow, but when he did sneak in a smile or two, I was ready!


[jen and bill]

On August 15, I was in baby overload...Jen and Bill were married on that hot, hot day, and their son Little Bill, or "Chunks" as his grandpa so lovingly referred to him, definitely stole the show. There's something about a little guy in a tux that just melts me, and eats up lots of space on my cf cards! Let's not even mention the fact that there were TWO adorable flower girls and that grandma needed to lure L.B. up the aisle with a banana. Great stuff.
We went to Forest Lawn after the ceremony- a great place to go for some interesting variety (and I am not referring to the graves, there are some seriously cool architectural spots to work with- many of which I noticed on the way out.)
Jen and Bills families were wonderful....super close knit, super fun people. It was a great night!


[bridget and andrew]

Bridget and Andrew are awesome, there are no two ways about it. Back when I met them I knew we would have a great time working together, and so far I was absolutely right. We got together last week for their engagement session, and the shoot was definitely all about color! We wandered around Elmwood, through Delaware Park and then over to visit some fantastic little painted ladies in Allentown. Andrew and Bridget get married this weekend, and from what I have seen so far in terms of details and their invites, it is going to be eye candy all the way!


[belinda and matt]

For two years in a row now, we have canceled our camping trip to the adirondacks. the thought of rain every day with two kids in a tent just didn't appeal. Luckily this year it all worked out for the better, as I was able to meet belinda and matt in chautauqua for their engagement shoot instead.
I had spoken with Belinda on a few occasions and was really excited to meet her finally.....she and Matt now live in Jersey, but they had met as children in Chautauqua, and come back to visit often. I had never been to Chautauqua before and decided to make a day of it with the family, and we also met up with my dear colleague from Sweet Home and her husband. It would have been a most perfect day but rained. A nice, steady, soaking, potentially camera ruining rain, but I think that these turned out pretty good regardless. It was a funny kind of day....we spent a lot of it ducking into dry places, not your typical scenic spots....I learned so much about the place that is pretty magical by most standards and I definitely can't wait until their October wedding!


[jillian and jason]

Every so often, a couple will hire me entirely without meeting in seems like this becomes more common as (sadly) people move away from our city. But at least they come back and have spectacular weddings! So was the case for Jillian and Jason. I had spoken to Jillian on the phone and knew right away that we would be a perfect fit (besides the obvious fact that they were having their wedding at Asbury Hall, where I have been DYING to photograph!) So many cool places to shoot, great color and light...enjoy!