[jen and bill]

On August 15, I was in baby overload...Jen and Bill were married on that hot, hot day, and their son Little Bill, or "Chunks" as his grandpa so lovingly referred to him, definitely stole the show. There's something about a little guy in a tux that just melts me, and eats up lots of space on my cf cards! Let's not even mention the fact that there were TWO adorable flower girls and that grandma needed to lure L.B. up the aisle with a banana. Great stuff.
We went to Forest Lawn after the ceremony- a great place to go for some interesting variety (and I am not referring to the graves, there are some seriously cool architectural spots to work with- many of which I noticed on the way out.)
Jen and Bills families were wonderful....super close knit, super fun people. It was a great night!

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Rich said...

WHERE IS MY FACE?!?!? Oh, there it is - on the ground where it melted off from the cuteness. Awesome, awesome shots!