[heather and paul]

this afternoon I photographed an engagement session for heather and paul, who are getting married this friday evening. what a blast it was! both heather and paul have a great sense of humor and we had a lot of fun wandering around the Buffalo Historical Society together. we even had an appearance from a great man of the past....



Here are some pictures from Kristen Davide, my teaching colleague and co-photographer, taken at Becker Farms.

Funny...Sophia kept calling all of the goats "honey"


[kristen and rob]

Last weekend Bryan, Sophia and I met Kristen and Rob at Becker Farms in Niagara County for a little photographing fun. The apples were sweet and the light was beautiful...we spent a few hours there and then down the road at an abandoned mill.

I am going to be photographing Kristen and Rob's wedding in August of next year, so this served as their engagement session. Incidentally, Kristen will be joining [modern photographie] as my right hand photographer starting next season. Her work is awesome, and I will post some of her shots of the three of us soon.


[game day]

here it is, the day Bryan has been waiting for since the new year....and what I awoke to today were shouts of "Go Irish!" by Sophia along with the sounds of marching to the fight song. Bryan bought her this outfit to commemorate the big day.