[rock and roll]

Sophia is currently off visiting mammy and papa in ohio, so there is a little more production going on around here. The morning of her departure she yells, "Rock and Roll!" quoting Chicken Run and giving me her best Billy Idol sneer. I miss that little stinker!


[kristen and rob]

Kristen, (my assistant) being a wedding photographer extraordinaire, left no detail untouched when it came to this wedding....also being a wedding photographer's bridal party, everyone had no choice than to be completely at kristen's (and my) mercy. No, really, they were incredibly enthusiastic and awesome to work with. The ceremony took place at St. John's Grace in Buffalo and the reception was at Brierwood. We stopped at Knox Farm in between for a little craziness.

A little note...I have noticed that I tend to post a lot of detail shots in these posts...a little self-indulgent on my part, but I do want to put it out there that those kinds of shots are only a small part of a wedding day....i just like to post the more creative ones :).


[mary and jeff]

July was so full of weddings, that I am still trying to catch up! I had met Mary and Jeff previously on an engagement shoot earlier in the summer....super nice, down to earth people. Who knew that they would turn super chic on their wedding day? I absolutely LOVED Mary's dress (almost to the point of wishing I had worn it at my own wedding...sorry janell berte) and the Butler Mansion is probably my favorite venue of all. I am drooling as I edit these images....It turned out to be a phenominal day, sunshine held off the rain for a beautiful garden ceremony.

Something blue.....