[stephanie and greg]

On May 24, we photographed Stephanie and Greg's wedding....WE being Kristen and I. It was our first official wedding that we worked together, and it was a blast! We really seemed to feed on each other's ideas and took tons of images. The following images are some of the ones I captured, I anticipate posting Kristen's on Monday. The reception took place at Kloc's Grove, in the outdoor area- beautiful!

Two side notes: this is the second wedding in a row in which the groom and his men were wearing brown- I love it!
Secondly, I can tell that I am either getting older or just falling into the role of being a mom- driving to the church I broke into tears thinking about this someday being my daughter- dad buckling her shoes, the neighbors all outside to see the bride, etc. I'm such a sap :).

[maureen and tim]

Wedding season is now in full swing, and here are some images from wedding #1, 2008. Maureen and Tim were married on May 3 at the Botanical Gardens and their reception was at Harry's. We had an awesome time- Maureen's dad is just hilarious, and everyone was super friendly. What a great way to kick off the season!