being pregnant this time around seemed to go so quickly, but at the same time it was forever. the evening of january 21 came out of nowhere....maybe it was the Bowie from Flight of the Conchords that lured him out, but Ethan decided it was time. he arrived at 1:48 am, only 4 hours after the dvd ended. he's a rather dashing fellow, and sister sophia is pretty into him. so are we.


[long time, no blog!]

wow, have the months gone by so quickly without a peep! i photographed a cozy, intimate wedding in december that I hope to show very soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd show a best of '07 of Sophia images- a little homage to her before baby brother arrives, which could really be any time now (it would be nice if he would just wait until after Friday, my last day of work.) hope everyone had a happy healthy holiday and that you're all enjoying the new year!

Here was one of our Christmas cards images this year...Sophia now understands the whole concept of posing, although it may not have been what I had in mind.