[carla and johnny]

Like each of the weddings I photographed this season, my final wedding of the season was definitely long awaited.  It was my first chance to get inside the newly renovated Lafayette Hotel, and to work with another awesome couple.  I met up with them Friday after their rehearsal for a little jaunt downtown and was treated to a little sneak peek of the wedding day ahead...

cj2012.0086 cj2012.0076 cj2012.0122  
The next day at the Lafayette did not disappoint. The rooms there have a great urban vibe; of course they were designed by my favorite local store, Room. Both the guys and girls were getting ready there so I was able to catch some of th4e action in both places. 
 cj2012.0216 cj2012.0232 cj2012.0261 cj2012.0287 cj2012.0334 cj2012.0365


 Then we went over to the Chapel at Canisius (which I have been shooting at quite a lot lately...) for the ceremony and some fun shots afterwards, including the houses that both Johnny and Carla lived in during those college years.

cj2012.0435 cj2012.0529 cj2012.0645 cj2012.0678 cj2012.0727 cj2012.0752 cj2012.0766
Back at the hotel I was able to explore a lot of the building in addition to using it as a backdrop...what an amazing Buffalo story. 

cj2012.0806 cj2012.0808 cj2012.0910 cj2012.1012



My second shoot of the weekend turned out to be a stunning day, albeit a bit windy. This time it was Mike and Karen, another wedding from a couple years back, and their baby girl Emerson, who is just one. We went to Beaver Island Park, which is a great place to go in the fall, as the beach is virtually empty.  This little peanut just wanted to go, go, go and had a great time exploring with her best bud Kona and her mom and dad....
  naus2012.0010 naus2012.0042 naus2012.0091 naus2012.0016 naus2012.0099 naus2012.0300 naus2012.0203 naus2012.0181 naus2012.0221



Autumn in Buffalo. Nothing could be better than the color of the light, the magnificent trees, the knowledge that few days like this remain before we enter into winter mode. In the midst of swim meets, soccer games and putting away the last of the summer furniture, I was able to spend time with two pretty awesome families, both of whose weddings I recently photographed.  On Saturday, just before a mini hail storm swept through, I met up with Deanna and Kurt and their super stylish little guy, Keaton.


At 8 months he is off and running!
keaton2012.0045 keaton2012.0056 keaton2012.0145 keaton2012.0157 keaton2012.0199 keaton2012.0231 keaton2012.0267 keaton2012.0294 keaton2012.0390

[nolan and everett]

It has been such perfect weather for getting families together for pictures! I recently visited Brooke and Jeff (a couple whose wedding I had photographed 8 years ago) to catch up with them and their two awesome boys, Nolan and Everett. We started out at their house and then went to a nearby park to enjoy the 70 degree day and a little baseball.

arber2012.0037 arber2012.0056 arber2012.0064 arber2012.0152 arber2012.0082  
Nolan and Everett are about the nicest little boys I've met in a long time. They are completely different from one another but get along so well. 

arber2012.0103 arber2012.0127 arber2012.0179 arber2012.0212 arber2012.0285 arber2012.0301 arber2012.0315