[gretchen and dave]

FINALLY, I was able to photograph a wedding at my dream church in buffalo- Unitarian Universalist on Elmwood and West Ferry...we walk by all the time and I peeked in but once. It definitely did not disappoint! Stunning woodwork and a warm sunset made for a pretty perfect wedding day. Dave and Gretchen are awesome...we worked together for an engagement session awhile back so they were ready for anything I suggested. Their reception was at the Adam's Mark with a photo shoot at City Hall.


[sophia's dream halloween]

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Amazing...I would LOVE to have this dress for Sophia this may be the only thing to satiate her quest for the DRESS. As for my thoughts, Kathleen of Grosgrain is an amazing (and generous!!) seamstress and I only wish we lived in the same town so I could be her photog. :)


[stephanie and david]

my only september wedding this year belonged to stephanie and david...their ceremony and reception were held at Salvatore's in the new addition and officiated by none other than Barry Lillis of Buffalo weatherman fame. Kristen and I enjoyed working in the new, beautifully lit foyer. A BIG thanks to the Galdenzi family who passed my name along to Stephanie!