[Wouldn't it be nice?]

Do you watch Project Runway?  Do you remember Carol Hannah, from season 6 (who should have won?!)  Whatever your answer, wouldn't it be amazing to have a wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses designed by her?  I came across her etsy shop today, to discover that there are actually 2 shops that feature her beautiful designs.....just one more reason that I wish I were getting married in this decade!  Check them out here and here.


[Jenna and Kenji, the engagement]

i love meeting with prospective clients for the first time...seeing the excitement in their eyes as they dream of what will be the biggest day in their lives thus far never gets old for me.  But I think by far, meeting Jenna and Kenji for the first time was like reuniting with dear old friends....they are such lovely, down to earth people with the kindest hearts...they could not be a more perfect couple!  (Not to mention beautiful photography subjects....)  We met up today at the Historical Museum for their engagement shoot, and it went like this...


See what I mean? Aren't they just gorgeous?


When I plan on an engagement shoot with a couple, I recommend a couple of things.  1. look at other engagement sessions to get a feeling for how not to be awkward, and 2. have a glass of wine.  Or two.  Kenji tells me all at once that they followed my advice! 






I've said it before, I love a couple who will dance during their engagement shoot....


Bonus points for jumping!!



I can't wait for their January wedding at Fox Valley!



This weekend, I had the fortunate opportunity to be involved with a photo shoot for Hospice of Niagara friend Tom had asked me a while back if I'd be interested in photographing the animals of hospice- the therapy animals that come in to the facility to visit patients and families alike- for a calendar that would benefit Hospice.  This cause is very near and dear to my mother had been a patient at Hospice of Erie County, and the people there were the most caring, wonderful people I had ever met.  The entire Hospice experience was unbelievable, and so I thought this was a great opportunity to give back.  Likewise, my mother in law has dogs that she uses as therapy dogs in nursing homes in Ohio, and I think that the idea of it just wonderful.  

So I arrived at Hospice on Saturday to find that Tom had his little baby Jude strapped to his chest as his assistant for the day, I couldn't resist a little impromptu baby session in between the furry faces.  My next post will be of the dogs, but for now, a few of Jude and his shockingly beautiful blue eyes....






[Liz and Ryan]

I cannot even tell you how excited I have been to shoot this wedding....not only was it being held in my favorite place ever (the Saturn Club, where I almost  had my own wedding reception 10 years ago) but it was the wedding of probably the most darling couple ever, Ryan and Liz.  I had so much fun shooting their engagement session at their farm in East Aurora...Liz and Ryan are two of the kindest people I had ever met and I knew that the rest of the people I would encounter at their wedding had to be the same.

The day was such an iffy weather day....the plan was to have a first look and then do pictures at the Connecticut St. Armory, and then return for an outdoor ceremony in the courtyard of the Saturn Club.  We were able to pull off the first part of the plan....




Liz and Ryan wanted to spend some time alone a bit before heading out...they were really happy to have the chance to see one another beforehand and felt so much more relaxed for the rest of the day to come.









So, the ceremony began outside....


And then the wind and rain came, just as Liz and her father were set to walk down the aisle.  So we went inside...


Their ceremony was really unique and totally included at hand binding ceremony, stories of how each had met one another and how each has transformed the other's life completely. 



The Saturn club is a great venue..the food is fantastic, and the people are amazing. 


Much like earlier in the day, the dancing began inside, and then the party went outside once it warmed up a bit....just about everyone was out on the dance floor...a perfect end to a fantastic day!




[don't look at my website just yet!-no really!]

as some of you know i have been working hard to get my website up and running, and while I have most of it up and running, I have suddenly found myself in an interesting position....i have run out of space!  could it be that I absolutely cannot edit down the number of images in my slideshow from 90?  Have I looked at my new website hundreds of times to see if it was just right?  Anyway, I got an email from the host saying that my limit for the month is about up...I don't know what happens next, but in the meantime if you need a fix, just come here instead!  Here's some material to get you by til the next post :)


[ellen and chris]

I met these two at Aubrey and Jon's wedding back in July, and they hired me shortly thereafter...they are getting married next September and having their reception at the Connecticut Street Armory, which thrills me to no end.  For their engagement session, they wanted to re-enact a typical date that they often go on, starting at the Naval Park, not far from their downtown apartment.  It was a gorgeous morning, and there were tons of people out jogging and taking in the sun- it was wonderful to see people enjoying their city!


I was really in love with the way that the sweetness of Ellen and Chris contrasted with the lines of the ships' ropes and all of the industrial metal...




They both wanted to take a break on this bench...the one on which Chris proposed to Ellen!