This weekend, I had the fortunate opportunity to be involved with a photo shoot for Hospice of Niagara friend Tom had asked me a while back if I'd be interested in photographing the animals of hospice- the therapy animals that come in to the facility to visit patients and families alike- for a calendar that would benefit Hospice.  This cause is very near and dear to my mother had been a patient at Hospice of Erie County, and the people there were the most caring, wonderful people I had ever met.  The entire Hospice experience was unbelievable, and so I thought this was a great opportunity to give back.  Likewise, my mother in law has dogs that she uses as therapy dogs in nursing homes in Ohio, and I think that the idea of it just wonderful.  

So I arrived at Hospice on Saturday to find that Tom had his little baby Jude strapped to his chest as his assistant for the day, I couldn't resist a little impromptu baby session in between the furry faces.  My next post will be of the dogs, but for now, a few of Jude and his shockingly beautiful blue eyes....





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