[sue and matt]

you may remember sue and matt from their engagement blog post a few months back....they were married this past weekend on a most beautiful sunshiny day that was a relief to everyone considering the rain we had all last week. I arrived at Sue's house, only to realize that we grew up one street away from each other (but went to different schools...) AND to top it all off, Matt and his brothers went to Sweet Home (where I currently teach, for those of you who didn't know of my secret alter ego...)
Anyway, connections aside, Matt and Sue are a truly wonderful couple. Everyone smiled, laughed and even sang crazy tooth flossing songs and danced the sprinkler all day long. Definitely my kind of people.
Their ceremony took place at SS. Peter and Paul in Williamsville (where my own parents were married many years ago, and where I was baptized as well) and their reception was at the Protocol.

Matt is a teacher at St. Joes.....his students were the choir at the ceremony.

This may be my favorite shot of the day...I am a sucker for seersucker! (and super cute kids...)

After the ceremony, we went over to the Historical Society for some images....

this girl.....she reminds me so much of what my daughter will be like when she is 7....she was a blast, the originator of much of the silliness that prevailed that day (although hard to tell from this picture, now that I am looking at it!)

the first of too many ring shots in this post...I am finding it harder and harder to edit down for these blog posts! I used my new lens at this wedding, in fact I never took it off of my camera. it does a sweet job on close ups like these.

After the Historical Society, Matt really wanted to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright monument at Forest Lawn....the light was a bit intense but the architectural elements were very cool...

The Protocol looked beautiful, and the food was really good!

Sue is always smiling....and for good reason!

two very beautiful sisters!


[lindsey and brian]

to say that i was excited about this wedding was an UNDERSTATEMENT. Shanghai Red's, a rooftop wedding overlooking the marina and an amazingly sweet and beautiful couple was too much to bear! and then they decided to do a first look....I was beside myself. great stuff...I had a really hard time limiting my images for this post. AND i may have found my new favorite place to many great spots, with a view of the city and the water, and lots of brick and greenery.

Lindsey was a bit modest about putting on her dress in front of so many people. So here are the girls "not watching" Lindsey putting on her dress

the two moms and lindsey

lindsey and brian decided to do a "first look" so that we were able to have time for photographs prior to the wedding. I don't know who was more excited, honestly, me or them.

We have a cotton wood tree behind our house and I hate it. It's snow in June. But here it turned out to be a little fun.

the guys and I were thinking the same thing.....Memorial Auditorium!


[the mannings]

on Friday I had a little impromptu photo shoot with my neighbors, the Mannings. I photographed Brian and Carolyn, who are friends with my two little ones, and their twin cousins, Alex and Zach. I couldn't get enough of all of their clear blue eyes in the evening light....


[karen and mike]

I was thrilled when Mike emailed me and suggested going to Lewiston for their engagement session. I had shown artwork at the Lewiston Art Festival for years, but never really had a chance to walk around the town. What a quaint village...I would move there in a minute if it wouldn't then be such a haul to get to work each day. We met up at the Silo down on the water at around 9 am- the light was beautiful. Then we ventured up to the main drag and even though it was somewhat early on a Saturday, the town was hopping. Mike and Karen were awesome to work with- Mike is hilarious and Karen is so sweet....and they were both very open to all of my ideas (and had some great ones of their own too!)