[karen and mike]

I was thrilled when Mike emailed me and suggested going to Lewiston for their engagement session. I had shown artwork at the Lewiston Art Festival for years, but never really had a chance to walk around the town. What a quaint village...I would move there in a minute if it wouldn't then be such a haul to get to work each day. We met up at the Silo down on the water at around 9 am- the light was beautiful. Then we ventured up to the main drag and even though it was somewhat early on a Saturday, the town was hopping. Mike and Karen were awesome to work with- Mike is hilarious and Karen is so sweet....and they were both very open to all of my ideas (and had some great ones of their own too!)

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Wendy said...

I love #5 and the last one! I also laughed at "BUTTS."