[nolan and everett]

It has been such perfect weather for getting families together for pictures! I recently visited Brooke and Jeff (a couple whose wedding I had photographed 8 years ago) to catch up with them and their two awesome boys, Nolan and Everett. We started out at their house and then went to a nearby park to enjoy the 70 degree day and a little baseball.

arber2012.0037 arber2012.0056 arber2012.0064 arber2012.0152 arber2012.0082  
Nolan and Everett are about the nicest little boys I've met in a long time. They are completely different from one another but get along so well. 

arber2012.0103 arber2012.0127 arber2012.0179 arber2012.0212 arber2012.0285 arber2012.0301 arber2012.0315

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1 comment:

Parrish Gust said...

Very nice work. Fun when my worlds collide and you are shooting the Arbers. Love the way you capture the 'realness' of them.