[belinda and matt]

For two years in a row now, we have canceled our camping trip to the adirondacks. the thought of rain every day with two kids in a tent just didn't appeal. Luckily this year it all worked out for the better, as I was able to meet belinda and matt in chautauqua for their engagement shoot instead.
I had spoken with Belinda on a few occasions and was really excited to meet her finally.....she and Matt now live in Jersey, but they had met as children in Chautauqua, and come back to visit often. I had never been to Chautauqua before and decided to make a day of it with the family, and we also met up with my dear colleague from Sweet Home and her husband. It would have been a most perfect day but rained. A nice, steady, soaking, potentially camera ruining rain, but I think that these turned out pretty good regardless. It was a funny kind of day....we spent a lot of it ducking into dry places, not your typical scenic spots....I learned so much about the place that is pretty magical by most standards and I definitely can't wait until their October wedding!

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Wonderfully fun and fresh!