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a couple weeks back i ventured down to chautauqua with my best photography bud, Kristen Davide to photograph Belinda and Matt's wedding. It was a stunning sunny day, although FREEZING, and all of the leaves were in full color....the perfect fall wedding. Kristen met Matt and his boys at the Anthenaeum Hotel in the Institute, while I met up with Belinda and the girls at the Plumbush Inn. I was in beautiful old home heaven!

Kristen had some amazing light with which to work....

Then it was off to the Hall of Philosophy for the ceremony. What a perfect place for a ceremony, aside from all of the obvious beauty, it was awesome to be able to be behind the scenes to get some pretty great close up shots. Kristen was able to cover the "audience view" so overall we had really nice variety of images.

This could be my favorite of the day (thanks, Kristen!!) I love the familial LOVE that is happening here.

There are so many images where Matt is completely lost in Belinda (who wouldn't be, she is one of the most geniune people I have ever met!).....I love these moments.

"Stay Back!!"

I couldn't resist doing the ring shot on the shards of glass...

Back at the Plum Bush for the outdoor reception....Dinosaur BBQ provided the dinner and happy hour featured Pimm's Cup drinks- had I not been the photographer, I definitely would have partaken in a few of those....delicious! Oh, and there was a restroom trailer that had, I kid you not, a fireplace inside!

Apple Pie cake cutting.....

When we left the reception, we saw millions of stars (it was that cold) but the perfect ending to such a wonderful experience.....

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