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recently, i caught up with Jenn and Tim at the Central Terminal for their engagement shoot....great time. October 3rd was their wedding....even better time. I can't tell you enough how much fun this job can be, particularly when you have such awesome clients who have such a realistic view of what a wedding should be. Often, upon hearing that I shoot weddings, people will say to me, "Oh, I bet you have some stories!" or, "Any Bridezillas lately?" And honestly, I can say no. What could be better than spending the day with a group of people who are so happy? (Makes me examine my teaching job from time to time, that's for sure!)
In any case, Jenn and Tim's wedding was a blast (other than the limo driver who decided to take a 15 mile detour rather than tackle Niagara Street) and covered much territory in the Western New York region....

We began at Jenn's parents' grand island home:

For the record, this is NOT Jenn, but I suppose it could have been for as many pictures I took of this little one!

This is also NOT Jenn. This is Lucy (or Louis, whichever you prefer), who actually was rather a bridezilla. Don't let the "smile" fool you, she was waiting to rip my throat out.

HERE is Jenn. Stunning.

And here is Barbie. Naked. Probably not proper attire for a Catholic ceremony? (does it creep anyone else out that her skin is panty textured?)

The ceremony was at Holy Angels on Porter in Buffalo. Beautiful church, if not in a questionable area. Many of the homes in this community are real gems. I will admit however, that I was a bit nervous walking from my car to the church and then back again. As I left the ceremony, there was a group of "young men" riding bicycles with home made speaker systems built right on the back and blasting intimidating music (as intimidating as you could be on bicycles). Interesting.

How beautiful is this boy??

The priest was very into the ceremony...I really enjoyed that.

Then we headed over to the Historical Society...when the heck did that place get so busy?! I always refuse to go to the Albright because you nearly have to fight for a spot to take pictures against a not so ideal background (really, the white of the building does not do wonders for human skin tones), so instead I liked going to the historical society- lots of variation, water, flora, etc. On this day you could not get anywhere near the place. So instead, we worked with the little run down building near Elmwood.

We did make it up to the main Japanese Gardens walkway just as raindops began to a couple of quick action shots were all we could take. It was around here that one of my former students was also photographing a wedding....

So while the limo driver was taking the wedding party on a scenic tour of all of the area's expressways (190 s to get to Lewiston from Buffalo?!), I got to the Niagara Falls CC to photograph some details...

Killer cake!!

Maybe I mentioned it before, but I get super emotional now when I watch the parent/child dances, thinking about how someday it will be my kids.....

Can you guess which song had made a comeback this year at wedding receptions all over the country?

As I said....awesome day. Thanks guys!

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