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I really love meeting a couple for the first time...particularly when you have had a vast email history.....I had talked back and forth with Joan many times via email, as she lives in Detroit (and Todd in Connecticut) and was super excited to put a face with the words...We met at Lake Effect Diner on Main Street near UB, an authentic vintage diner with lots of charm. We planned on starting the engagement shoot here, but the weather was (surprise!) less than cooperative. The sun just came out long enough to tease and then when we were ready to go outside, BAM! Pouring. We did manage to get a few....

The next best place to go shoot was Canisius, where Joan and Todd met. Todd worked at the library so we decided to play around with some of the architectural elements there.

Joan was really into the colors of the stacks....

We ventured back outside as the rain subsided and was replaced by wind and freezingness...

So, for a long time now I have been a great fan of The Image Is Found, a phenominal husband/wife photography team in California...this shot is my homage to them- I was really hesitant to make the image knowing that it really came from another source, but the art teacher in me knows that great art is informed by other great art. Besides, I really loved their glasses, and also how different they both look without them.

Then we went into the round tower at the center of the campus.....right out of the camera these pictures were somewhat Andre Serrano-esque (that comparison for Joan, the art historian, hopefully I don't offend, but I think you'll know what I mean) so I tried to correct as much as possible, but again, cool structure.

j&t- I am looking forward to your wedding next year at the Roycroft.....thanks for being great sports during that shoot!

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