[a photographer's dream photoshoot]

Sophia was the flower girl in her cousin Nicole's wedding two weeks was my first excuse to be able to "stalk" the flower girl at a wedding without getting into trouble :) The best part was that she did not need much prompting to give me some great material. The wedding was in Ohio; we went to Mill Creek Park in Youngstown for the formals....what an amazing place...I wish we had something similar to this in Buffalo! After almost falling into a fountain and a taking more than a few tumbles into the grass, Sophia's dress was no worse for the wear and I was pretty happy with my images.

Sophia was all petal at a time and she never once looked up....I think she was nervous!

I love this shot- so very Alice in Wonderland!

Sophia was setting the standard for posing......

So this shot was a little risky....but totally worth it.

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kristen davide photography said...

I love these pictures of Sophia! You have the most beautiful little girl! Tell Bryan he's going to need a shotgun in the future! Absolutely amazing... and the light is incredible! It reminds me of Alice in wonderland. Awesome!