[tara and bradley]

I know, I know....i changed my font color! But it is only appropriate for posting tara and bradley's wedding pics....they completely embraced a wint
er wonderland theme that was complimented by about 10 degree weather. There were blue lights, blue flowers, a blue cake and blue shoes, the BEST blue punch served up by the Historical Society where they were married (along with some seriously strong blue drinks at Casa di Pizza afterwards, of which I did not partake....) and best of all, a Snow Cone machine! Tara should seriously consider taking up a career in wedding design after pulling all of this together so flawlessly! She designed her dress and all of the decor at the reception.....a photographer's dream!

Incidentally, there is a remarkable photography show at the Buffalo Historical Society- "Cathedrals of Industry", images of Buffalo's grain elevators by Michael L. Horowitz.

Finally, Ava, their little girl stole the show with her awesome pouf of a dress and busting many moves on the dance floor all night...

Slightly Cinderella

Snowcone Blue

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1 comment:

Tara Kaye said...

The photos look AMAZING so far! We are looking forward to seeing all of your creative and hard work in a couple of weeks. ;)