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So spring is here and the weddings will be coming on like the tide....I am excited to begin again, particularly since all I have really photographed since my last wedding are embarrassing pictures of my son.

Easter weekend I will be shooting my first engagement of the year, followed by my first wedding, both shoots being the same couple. I can't wait! Michelle and Stephen seem awesome so far! In the meantime, I have been finding cool things to share with you, and this time it is something for free.

e.m. papers has this sweet little DIY wedding invite kit with vintage art, for download here. It has everything- the invite, response cards, program, place cards, and so on. Via How About Orange.

Oh- and I mentioned a little while back that I was going to try my hand at a wedding cake topper it is, posted on Etsy.

I had picked up a number of ceramic molds for my sculpture class to play around with, and many of them are chess sets. I may add more soon.
Til next time....

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christa p said...

love the king and queen cake toppers. what a great idea!