[Marissa and Matt, the engagement]

winters in buffalo can be a tricky thing...some years it is warm all the way through November, and then *BAM* it is suddenly Antarctica during the Katabatic Winds.  Imagine this as the backdrop for Marisa and Matt's engagement shoot.....ok, I am exaggerating....but damn was it cold!!  Somehow, Marisa and Matt both managed to look warm and sweet, despite the fact that our eyeballs kept freezing in our skulls.

I met with them in their hometown of Niagara Falls, where they met back in high school.  We started out with a few shots at home with their 3 doggies (!) and then continued to Hyde Park, where they plan to get married this summer.






Matt and Marisa met while they were students at Niagara Falls, and they were also the last class to graduate from the old building.  Since then the building, still in much disrepair, has been turned into an arts and cultural center.  They wanted to visit the old school and take some photos there as well....



Inside, we wandered all over, and ended up in the amazing bit of architectural history with its bent wood seats and art deco chandeliers....Matt and Marisa were both into drama when they were students, so it seemed fitting to end up here.



Hopefully my next get together with Marisa and Matt will be a much warmer one :)
Happy holidays, and I will see you in January with my first wedding shoot of the year!

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