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So it is true, I am cutting back on weddings.  A lot.  Not that I don't absolutely adore photographing beautiful people and things all day long, it's just that other things are filling my life as quickly as anything, or maybe it's that life has a way of slipping by a little bit faster everyday.  I kept this in mind last summer while booking for this year, but when my neighbor mentioned to me that his friend was having a vintage barn wedding, I begged him, literally, to mention my name to the bride.  And thankfully, I can now say that I have photographed my dream wedding.  Just about everything at this wedding was handmade.  By the BRIDE.  And there were succulents.  In concrete.  And Pimm's Cups.  And odd little mason symbols in the bathroom of the house, but that's for another day.  And so because it is my dream wedding, I am definitely about to overshare.  It helps too that the couple was super amazingly adorable (remember?) and that everything was a perfect reflection of them.

The wedding took place in Cassadaga, about 8 miles or so outside of Fredonia, only about an hour from Buffalo. 

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kasha77 said...

These photos were exceptionally creative! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Totally jealous of this wedding location and all the details!!! amazing job D!