[aubrey and jon]

you may remember a
wedding from last year that involved a banana and a hockey puck....well that was aubrey's cousin, christa, who incidentally is making and selling some pretty awesome wedding invitations... anyway, aubrey and jon are planning on getting married in june of 2010, but wanted to have their engagements done this summer at sunset bay beach, in the off chance that we may actually have a sunny day. well, the sun was super bright and all of the tall grass sparkled....i have never been to Sunset Bay but I was definitely impressed. Hanover park is the way to go....a long rocky walkway, the aforementioned sparkly grass, some piers, and some pretty nice water as well. jon and aubrey are an awesome couple too, great sense of humor and pretty darn good looking too :).

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kristen davide photography said...

wow... ok where to even start! These pictures are amazing... I love the pathway ones and the lighting is just amazing! You found the perfect time to photograph!

christa p said...

looove these photos! the black and white in the grass and the feet in the sand are so gorgeous!

thank you so much for the link!