[s & e on vacation]

[s & e on vacation]

we took a week out of our busy schedules to wander down south, to visit with family and partake in some good old fashioned frolicking. i actually DIDN'T take my Nikon, which was incredibly difficult for me, but I did buy a sweet new point and shoot that did a pretty decent job. plus, it fit into our beach bag...

our kids amaze me. armed with only a dvd player, we were able to drive clear down to north carolina in one car ride (starting from bryan's parents' in ohio) without any screaming fits or fistfights. the weather was as close to perfect as it could be.

e riding in style in a vintage pedal car

while not the most artistic photo in the world, i HAD to include it. we visited Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, where you take a wagon ride through a large park with lots of hungry animals. there are buckets of food that you basically pour into their mouths. this bison apparently got some food in his nose a bit, which caused him to sneeze. however, since his mother wasn't there to tell him to cover his mouth, he instead covered a 12 year old girl with chewed up grass, bison snot and other tasty treats. it got into her ears, mouth, shirt...she was a great sport, but in the meantime I was peeing my pants laughing (as was everyone else, and hence why there is no picture!)

E made a friend with wally the dog

after NC we drove up to virginia beach...we had planned on camping there but once we realized how far the campgrounds were from the actual beach, we decided to camp in a beachfront hotel instead. the kids were completely fixated on the boardwalk when we got to the room.

s reminds me of an actress in an old hollywood film

oh, and my daredevil husband invited our daughter to join his debauchery in a parasailing adventure. Needless to say, mom was a bit worried. They soared up to 1200 feet (and survived!) Did I mention she is 4?

making more friends at the virginia aquarium....

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kristen davide photography said...

You have the best kids ever! I love the aquarium one! Sophia is hysterical and Ethan is really a little man! Very cute! It looks like you all had a great time!