It has been a whirlwind of shooting assignments lately! The magnitude of my posting this week may require a loud Canadian furniture sale announcer to do it justice....I will be posting slightly out of order so I apologize to those of you secret blog stalkers who had been waiting to see some images....I promise to get them all up! (By the way, every so often I hear how you are stalking my blog....I'd love to hear from you once in a while! :)

kim and jeff

I had met kim and jeff just 4 days prior to photographing them at a spectacular house on the Niagara Gorge during their rehearsal dinner. Sweet, sweet couple! And it turns out that Kim's mom, Beth, teaches with some of my favorite Lewiston art teachers....(small world, again.) Kim and Jeff's wedding was awesome, but you'll need to be patient to catch a glimpse of it in another post....








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