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One of the things I really dig about shooting weddings is the fact that I can go somewhere and spend a day with a couple hundred people that up until that day I never met, and by the end of the night, feel like I had always been with them. It's pretty ironic, actually, since I am not the most outwardly social person, in fact I prefer to spend a lot of my time with my family and at home. I guess it's the camera that breaks the social barriers....and it helps too that everyone is in such bliss at a wedding (at least the ones I get to photograph!) In any case, after hanging out a bit at their rehearsal, I already felt completely at home with Kim and Jeff and was super excited to see how the day would play out. The entire wedding was to be held at the Niagara Falls Country Club, with a ceremony outside, overlooking the gorge (and Toronto, you could say). The girls got ready upstairs at the club.....



Because the ceremony and reception were to be a the club, Kim and Jeff decided to do a first look, and then family and group pictures back at the beautiful home from the evening previous (which turned out to be the best idea all day, since it then rained after the pictures and right up to the ceremony).


Priceless! Jeff's mom was beside herself at the sight of Kim coming down the stairs :).








Back at the club, Kim was determined to have an outdoor wedding (who could blame her?) As luck woudl have it, the rain cleared up just in time for the ceremony, and Kim was able to descend the stone steps with her dad, just as she had envisioned.




And the reception was get the newlyweds to kiss, people came up to the dance floor and told hilarious stories. The rest of the night was so much fun....thanks to everyone!


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kristen davide photography said...

LOVE it! I love the photo of everyone seeing her for the first time! Beautiful couple and great locations! Nice job!