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so....two posts in two days!  What is going on you may ask?   A new computer and frantic editing, I reply!  Oh, and a new website in the works as well.  No time like the week before school begins again to tackle all of this, but that's how I roll, I suppose.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images from Jason and Bridgette's evening wedding....I kind of wish most weddings were at this time, as the light is so gorgeous.  The ceremony was at Trinity Church on Delaware, which has, if you didn't know, some beautiful examples of Tiffany stained glass.












This cracks me up....I LOVE this image of Bridgette and Jason....the way he looks at her, her beauty, the casualness of the group, and the bridesmaid who is clearly not aware that I am photographing.


Ahh...Pearl Street.  My home away from home, it seems.  BEST pot roast ever (this from a former almost vegetarian).  They did not disappoint once again, despite not having power to more than half of the building for a majority of the evening.....even the candle lit bathrooms were rather cozy!




These two were busting moves all evening!  And, I have to thank the flower girl, who was my shooting assistant for a portion of the reception :)


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