[kimberly and matt]

When I met Kimberly last year, she mentioned that she wanted to just have fun on her wedding day.  I love when a bride to be says that....I know it is going to be a laid back, creative sort of day for me, so how can I say no to that?

The day began for me down at her sister's house in Angola...



and then on to my new favorite church at which to photograph....Christ the King Chapel at Canisius, (and best Priest ever, Father Bucki!)







Since Kimberly and Matt are rather nautical people (Matt just became a Captain!), we went down to the waterfront for some fun stuff...


Kimberly's brother arranged for a little surprise- I can say I had previously never photographed a bride and groom on a boat like this.



Eric rocked!


Before the reception in Angola, Matt and Kimberly wanted to stop and visit Grandma Frost, who was recovering from a hip injury in Elderwood in Hamburg.  She was so happy, seeing Kimberly in her dress....we were all crying (which makes it a bit hard to photograph!)


I love candy jars for the guests....lots of good color and shape to work with.



Good old fashioned cake fight!



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