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I had never met tracy or steve before their wedding day but was really happy to have had the opportunity to work with them. They are both super sweet and had a beautiful wedding. The reception took place at Barton Hill Hotel in Lewiston- an amazing location which overlooks Toronto on a clear day, and is catered by Rich products, probably the BEST caterers in Buffalo. (They also do the Butler Mansion and hopefully soon the Delaware Park Casino.)

Not to go on a tangent (sorry t + s) but you can't imagine how important it is to have good catering at your wedding. I have worked at a few locations now (that are catered by the same pretty-big-name restaurant) where the person in charge has been extremely not nice to the other wedding vendors, and unjustly so. So I appreciate even more that the people of Rich's do the job that they do!

(I feel better now.)

in the elevator...

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Tracy said...

SO happy with these Dominique!