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You just know that you are going to be in for super wedding when the couple you are about to photograph offers to dance at the beginning of their engagement session.  That couple is Jenna and Scott.  And yes, the wedding was much more than super.....marvellous, spectacular, I could go on and on.  I had to really reign myself in for this blog post too, so that I didn't end up with 100 images!

Trinity Lutheran Church is where all the festivities began....Jenna's uncle officiated the ceremony.  I mentioned in my last wedding post that the best weddings are those that are super personal and let you into the couple's lives.....this was one of those ceremonies.  I am always struck by vows that are written by the couple, and in this case, Jenna's uncle had a lot to contribute as well.

sjwed.0058 copy

And so began the sermon....Jenna's uncle had 2 backpacks filled with "essentials" both for camping, but as metaphors for a life together.....which started with two boxes of DOTS.

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It does not get any better than this....Jenna and Scott did nothing but smile at and cuddle with each other all day long.  Great camera material!

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Jenna's dream wedding vehicle was a jeep....wish granted!

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We then headed over to Tifft for some pictures....

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sjwed.0535 copy

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Ok.  So there is definitely something about Pearl Street for weddings.  There is a certain energy, or is it the people that choose Pearl Street who have the magic?  Don't know, but it was definitely something else!

sjwed.0618 copy

sjwed.0632 copy

sjwed.0638 copy

I think this really set the bar for the rest of the evening!

sjwed.0649 copy

sjwed.0668 copy

Who else can pull off a TANGO for their first dance together?

sjwed.0722 copy

sjwed.0723 copy

sjwed.0776 copy

I love, love, love Pearl Street for the brick everywhere.  We sneaked outside for a few intimate photos....and then, I hear someone calling my name- Dave and Gretchen from a couple of years ago.  I love Buffalo's small town-ness!

sjwed.0842 copy

sjwed.0855 copy

Another totally unique event at this wedding was the anniversary dance/garter removal.....Scott took a garter off of Jenna, then there was an anniversary dance, and then the lucky winners (Jenna's grandparents) got to put the garter back on.  Too cool!!

sjwed.0889 copy

Another wedding with lots and lots of kids!  And these kids knew how to dance!

sjwed.0916 copy

sjwed.0981 copy

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