[aubrey and jon]

You may remember them from their super sensational engagement shoot at Sunset Bay last summer...(if not, please check it out here!) It is quite possible that these two have the best luck on earth for fantastically beautiful days. Which complements them perfectly. 

ajwed.0056 copy

ajwed.0066 copy

ajwed.0162 copy

Off to Christ the King Chapel at Canisius for the ceremony....

ajwed.0211 copy

ajwed.0224 copy

ajwed.0301 copy

Jon surprised Aubrey with a dove release...

ajwed.0330 copy

ajwed.0334 copy

ajwed.0387 copy

We then headed to Delaware Park for some fun stuff...

ajwed.0433 copy

ajwed.0495 copy

ajwed.0535 copy

ajwed.0537 copy

And then to the Ellicott Square Building for the reception.

ajwed.0576 copy

Aubrey's cousin Christa designed her invitations and many of the other graphic elements in her wedding....(here's her website!)

ajwed.0586 copy

ajwed.0604 copy

ajwed.0621 copy

The light inside the Ellicott Square building is stunning...

ajwed.0628 copy

ajwed.0738 copy

ajwed.0747 copy

by far my favorite-

ajwed.0789 copy

ajwed.0915 copy

Many very determined ladies...

ajwed.0945 copy

And one very determined garter-catcher!

ajwed.0966 copy

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kristen davide photography said...

I know I tell you I love your posts all the time but seriously... I think this is my favorite. I absolutely LOVE the one on the stairs... that would hands down win some kind of award! Amazing job!!!!

christa p said...

love-love-love the one of them on the stairs. seriously, awesome.

also - thanks for the link :)