[bridget and andrew: the wedding]

and a most epic wedding it was...I mentioned in my earlier engagement edition post on these two that they are among the most awesome people I have ever met. Bridget was telling me a little bit about the wedding that day and I never imagined that she would have pulled it off as visually amazing as she did. *EYE CANDY!* I drooled more than a little over the fun flavors of the girls' dresses and the guys' ties. And although it rained (surprise, I think we have adopted Seattle's weather as our own now) the colors still popped!
Bridget and Andrew had so many cool little touches too- a crossword in the Church program, handmade sparkly favors, invitations they designed themselves, the list goes on. I'll stop talking now and show you what I mean...

Bridget's parents have an adorable house in Kenmore, a town we always say we'd live in if we moved out of the city. The front door was my favorite, perfect for a dress.

toe details...

as an art teacher, this is color theory heaven! as I am proofing these images I am still thinking of ways to arrange them (nothing short of making everyone dress up again so I can fulfill my artistic vision...)

the ceremony at St. John's in Kenmore-

is this child not a porcelain doll??

afterwards we headed to City Hall for some good-old-fashioned-in-the-rain picture taking...the color of the stone worked so well with the jewel toned dresses... every so often an idea doesn't work out exactly as you had hoped. however in this case it turned out rather intriguing. Definitely not album material but cool nonetheless. I find myself drawn to these type of images especially for the blog, to give them an audience that they would otherwise have (you can tell I am blogging late, I am personifying my images now...)

the boys, left to their own creative devices....

i love andy warhol.

After that, we headed down to the commercial slip at the foot of Pearl Street. I really look forward to seeing how this area develops- it almost feels like a city here.

The reception was at Pearl can't get more Buffalo than that.

Oh, and the cake. Tops. Yes, it is really cool, but I mean TOPS. The STORE. Didn't know they could do wedding cakes, did you?

As if the night couldn't have been more fun....Bridget's cousin Becky, who teaches Irish dancing at Rochez surprised Bridget (and everyone else) with a pretty amazing show....I can't imagine how that sounded to the floors below at Pearl Street!

Then everyone else got into it....truly the bride and groom's first dance-
And I'll end with another photographic many times when I am photographing people dancing, a random arm or head will pop into my viewfinder just as I snap the picture. Usually I delete these, but this one got by me, and I am happy it did...

So many times when I am photographing a wedding, I feel so much a part of the family and friends that are there....So many times I wanted to put aside my camera and just jump onto the dance floor...everyone had a blast. At one point, Andrew came up to me and said, "You know what the best part of your own wedding is? You can do ANYTHING you want!" That's really a great piece of advice- these two created a wedding that was entirely THEM. They broke the rules a bit and came away with something absolutely memorable. Thanks, guys for letting me be a part of that!

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Wendy said...

Love, love the six bouquet shots!

Rich said...

I totally concur with Wendy - that set of shots is great, but they are ALL super rad. GREAT wedding post!!

Andrew said...

WOW!! Who would think that looking at pictures of ourselves could be this much fun. It was a once in a lifetime day, and it couldn't have been what it was without our friends, family, florist and photographer.

All of the pictures are great. The angled photos of the dresses and the ties, Bridget and her dad at St. John's, the rings on the crossword, us under the umbrella , the six pack of bouquets, the table cards, walking across the bridge, acting out the words "ain't no river wide enough", the dress in the door and the ceiling at city hall. All of them were just awesome, and it was neat how we got to know each other so well.

But our presonal favorite was the picture of us doing our first "Irish" dance. Perfect timing!

We had so much fun planning the wedding and couldn't be happier with the way you artistically captured it. Everyone we have shared the blog with is floored by your eye and vision. You fit right in with us and we all felt you were part of the gang. Kudos!!

Thanks again!
~Bridget and Andrew

dominique, said...

Thanks, Rich and Wendy! I was in total visual overload.
Andrew- I really appreciate the feedback....I truly believe that fantastic clients make the images so much better and it is definitely evident here!

Maria V said...

Amazing photos, an amazing night, and a truly AMAZING couple!! Much love...

Margaret said...

These are amazing!! I love them all. You are such an artist! I have been telling so many people about you-- our family and friends will cherish these forever. Love, Maggie, MOH

Erin said...

Wow! Just gorgeous!!

And, I was actually eating at Pearl Street when you shot this wedding! I remember the Irish Dancers going upstairs! How funny!

Maureen said...

These pictures are wonderful! I love the placecards...I wonder where they got them from?

dominique, said...

I am pretty sure that she made them...Andrew works at a printing company and they made all of their invitations as well with the Buffalo theme.