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When my husband and I were married, the options in wedding design were nothing like they are today. I ended up making my own invitations my hand beca
use I just wanted something different. Now all I can do is drool over all of the things I never even thought of having. So I thought that the next best thing would be for me to pass along some of these ideas to others who will have me photograph them at their weddings.
If you haven't yet discovered Etsy, this is the one place to find it are some things I happened upon today:
1. Custom Made Pinwheels by Petitsmetier

I just love the combination of turquoise and red......I would love to see an entire wedding done in these colors. What a fun, whimsical favor.

2. Custom Designed Screen Printed Wedding Invitations by Heatherjeany

These are awesome...they really have an edginess that I really dig.

3. Big City Party Invitations by Niftypear

I love typography, ever since starting to teach Graphic Design. These invitations are city-cool and sleek.

4. Name Card Holder by goodguest

My dream wedding would have been one that took place outside, but living in Buffalo, that is not a great idea if you don't want to have any weather stress in the weeks leading up to it. That being said, my favorite weddings are those that are outside, a garden party of sorts. These would be perfect.

5. Wedding bands by 51degreesnorth

So this one is for their pure hilarity....all I can say is wow.

And finally, over on Design*Sponge today, there was a post showing some of this amazing calligraphy by Leigh Wells of inkwells...I am just trying to figure out what I can have her write for me. Tasty!!

I am thinking that from time to time I will share some more ideas...maybe in some sort of organized fashion. At least now I have an outlet for my obsessive etsy browsing!

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Erin said...

Dominique - I almost bought those exact place card holders for our upcoming wedding!! :)