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Melanie and Matt are one of those couples that I don't get to see too much if at all prior to the wedding but then turn out to be the coolest people to work with. A very unassuming couple who photograph amazingly well and just know how to have fun- my kind of people!

Melanie's "something old" included a hand written recipe from her grandmother...

Their ceremony was held at OLBS Church in Lancaster- lots of great light!

I grabbed the couple for a few pictures at the front entrance of the church, which had this super funky wall. I love the graphic patterning.

Some of the church's parishioners were arriving for 3 pm mass, when I spotted an older gentleman riding this great bike in and parking it at the back entrannce. He gracefully obliged me when I asked him if I could use it as a prop.

Vincent the dog couldn't wait to be a part of the wedding....since he wasn't allowed at the church, we swung by Melanie's parents place for a short doggy photo shoot. Vincent was a great model.

So I found out later on that Melanie and Matt had been roommates in a Habitat for Humanity in California, and that is how they met. So how fitting that Matt's ring had a redwood inlay....I so want to redesign my own rings now that there are all of these amazing options out there!

We went to Forest Lawn for pictures in between....the wind was whipping this willow tree all around but it worked. Of course it helped greatly that two of the groomsmen came to the rescue and held the branches away....but it definitely made for some cool shots.

Funny set- I sometimes ask the guys if they want to jump, sometimes it is a less than enthusiastic yes, but in this case, the guys were all over it.

Gorgeous classic dresses....

Tie dye tie! (The tie dyed vest wasn't feasible...)

Melanie and Matt were great to photograph....they are so comfortable with each other and were relaxed around the camera. That's what makes for great photographs.

Glen Oak Golf Club for the can't get much prettier scenery than this.

Matt is a glassblower and made the cake topper. He also insisted on the Mad Hatter cake, which turned out fabulous!

Nothing but sweetness during the first dance...

One of my all time favorites, Kevin McCarthy was playing at the reception....he really had the crowd rockin (and me, which makes it hard to photograph, sing and sort of dance simultaneously.)

What a great wedding to end the summer I am looking forward to some beautiful fall colors and sunshine for the final stretch of 2009 weddings.

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Melanie Vold said...

Thank you so much Dominique! The pictures look great!