[Kelly and Mike, the wedding]

At nearly every wedding I photograph, I marvel over the closeness of family, the happiness of the day and the beginning of new family, and how much this all means to the couple in the spotlight.  Yet I have never before been a part of a wedding that comes close to the meaning that this one held for Kelly and Mike.
I photographed their engagement session nearly a year ago, and shortly thereafter, Mike fell gravely ill.  Since then it has been nothing but an uphill battle, and after much time on the path to recovery, Mike is now the picture of health.  I truly did not know what to expect for the wedding day (I kept finding myself thinking about it while say, driving to work and choking back tears), but there were far fewer tears than I expected. Rather, the day was purely euphoric and a perfect beginning to their next chapter in life.


Too true.

Throughout all of this, Kelly was a pillar of strength.  Each time I corresponded with her, she was so positive and enthusiastic about the day...I have to admit this whole experience really made me think about life a little differently, and how even the small bits of time we can enjoy with one another are so very important...


And Mike, looking positively dapper, is also one of the most resilient people I have ever met. Nothing was going to deter him from having the best day ever.





I just love this image- "we've made it at last!"



"Talking Woody doll if you smile for the picture!"  I love a good bribe :)


Kelly and Mike wanted nature for their photos, and Nature they received.  We went out to Tifft for some pictures, and the autumn light could not have been more incredible....





Pearl Street reception and Lego people!  Does this day ever stop being so perfect?!



During the speeches, it all hit home a little bit, but that didn't stop the rest of the evening from being the mot spectacular night....nearly everyone was out on the dancefloor, and it was one of those types of parties where I seriously wanted to ditch my camera and jump right in!





I am so thankful that I could have been part of something so profoundly important.  This is really why I photograph weddings....for certain, they satisfy my cravings for visual stimulation, but when it comes down to it, i really fall in love with my subjects, and their families and friends...and just a little bit, it reminds me of how important my own family is to me.  Thanks guys, for allowing me to be a part of your day!

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Wendy said...

Beautiful job! I love the one of his hand on her waist/hip. :)