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As the wedding photography marathon continues, I got to work with a super laid back couple and yet another awesome car! 

I met Lauren a summer ago at her cousin Kurt's wedding, and then Jeff at their engagement shoot.  They are both a sweet couple who had actually known each other for years, as Jeff was Lauren's best friend's little bro.  Funny how these things work out....


We began at Lauren's parents' house near the beach.  The couple decided that with the schedule of the day being such that it was, that they would do a first look and pictures all prior to the ceremony and reception at Templeton Landing.  So everyone met at the house, girls, guys, sweet cars....


Everyone was dressed super casual and cool (good for a steamy hot day), and the whole party wore flip flops...



We did a mini whirlwind tour of Buffalo beginning with Woodlawn Beach (which I had never been to but am reconsidering that now...)  Both Lauren and Jeff worked there as teens so it made sense to hike on down to the beach.





Next, we headed to HSBC (well, it was HSBC that weekend anyway, and I suspect it will still be for a long time before people get used to the name change!)  Of course whenever you are pressed for time there was ends up being a  street hockey festival, not terribly easy for a ginormous limo bus to get close to the building, but we made it in for a few pics.


Then a final stop to Erie Basin Marina before the ceremony at Templeton...


I hadn't been to Templeton Landing since the name change (I actually have another gig there in September too...) but it is still a fantastic venue.  Luckily too, it cooled down a bit so everyone could get a sit and not huddle under the cool shade of the tent.


I have to say again that I just love outdoor ceremonies....and everything about this ceremony suited Jeff and Lauren perfectly.  Their vows were fantastic....just the right amount of sweetness and laughter, and the two of them just couldn't take their eyes off of each other.






If the day couldn't have already been awesome enough, then came the dancing.  I don't think I would have guessed it, but Jeff was hilarious on the dance floor.  A live band with its lead singer a Brazilian girl with a HUGE voice belted out the best version of Billie Jean I have heard yet and what began as a sweet first dance turned into a pretty hilariously choreographed number.
The rest of the night followed that lead.


Thanks again guys for a great night (and thanks Deanna and Kurt for leading me to them!)

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