[a productive distraction?]

Needless to say, whether I am at my full time job or working on photography, I am seated in front of my temptation riddled computer for quite a time longer than I probably should be.  So, you must think that I am super productive, spending all that time cranking out proofs in record time.  I wish I could say that were true, so in an attempt to justify my hours of brain-feeding image browsing, I thought that if I shared my addiction source of inspiration with you, that it wouldn't all be counted as a waste of time.  In fact, it would all be worth it if I saw some of these ideas in person, if you catch my drift.  

I will say that it is probably very good that I got married in 2000, when most of these sites didn't exist yet, otherwise we'd never have gotten married, becasue I probably couldn't make up my mind, but in any case, I know that all of you who are getting married soon are probably scouring websites for unique ideas.  If you haven't already gotten addicted, you need to check out Pinterest.  It is an online community of sorts where you can "pin" your favorite ideas from any website and visually organize them in one place.  Then, you can look at other people's pins, boards or browse categories.  I myself have nearly 600 pins in mostly home design, but I did start up a board that relates to wedding and photography ideas, which you can check out here, and if you want, you can even "follow" me.  So many things to fall in love with....

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