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This could quite possibly be my biggest wedding blog post to date! I have decided to update the look of my blog a bit in a more modern way, and honestly I couldn't resist these images from Marisa and Matt's wedding last Saturday. There could be more here, believe me, but since it is now past 1 AM, I have to put a stop to it somewhere.

You remember Marisa and Matt?  Probably the coldest day I have ever held a camera in my bare hands was their engagement session....but we got to sneak around in the old Niagara Falls HS and relive their days in drama club....I was in love with them then, but not so much as this past weekend.  I also had the honor of shooting with a friend of theirs, also from high school (and, as it turns out, a friend of my great babysitter and soon to be student teacher as well!), Sarah Bridgeman.  It was awesome having a second camera around capturing the stuff I always wish I could be getting....that's actually the way I began, surreptitiously shooting the behind the scenes kind of things, and I really miss that sometimes.  You can see some of Sarah's images on her Facebook Page, they are fab too.


Marisa had planned much of this wedding around handmade accents and bold colors that totally complement hers and Matt's personality.  Touches of class and silliness....I totally appreciate when the wedding is a perfect reflection of the people who are doing it.


From the minute I walked in the door, I knew it was going to be an amazing day....a whole wall of windows at the back of the open floorplan house in which Marisa was getting ready, to the gray dresses and brilliantly colored flowers....and Marisa was stunning even before she got into the dress.


Marisa told me the day before the wedding about her Uncle's Rolls Royce, and how it was going to be a guest at the wedding.  *Faint*


They got married at Duck Island, where we took some of the engagement photos last fall.  Lots of great handmade accents here.....Etsy is a great big influence on Marisa (and me too, but you already knew that...)



More and more, I love outdoor weddings.  Not just because I have no limitations when it comes to shooting them, but the air is definitely more alive and prickling with excitement.  This ceremony was so intimate.  Everyone was right there and able to be a part of it, not just seeing it from afar.  If I could do it over again, I would have wicked cool invitations, and an outdoor ceremony.


Did I mention the Rolls?  I could have (ok, I did) spent the entire afternoon with this car and it's British driver, Brian.



I died and went to heaven.....crazy socks AND Chucks?!


these guys tried to crash the wedding party with their own coordinating duds...





The reception was held at Antonio's in the Falls and showed off even more of Marisa's wedding planning brilliance....more vintage windows, cupcake centerpieces, lighters (?!)



Yes, that IS a Ninja Turtle toasting glass, thank you.


Many people love the song "Lucky" for their first dance....Matt and Marisa did too, except they decided to *SING* it instead.  With a serious audience.  Did I mention I am in love with you guys?




The rest of the music selections were all 90's....and an awesome amount of energy pumped through the dance floor for the rest of the evening....and at around 10:30 or so, when the dance munchies set in, out came the pizza, wings and other assorted fried wedding snack *ever*.


Awesome, awesome day. Thanks, guys :)

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